Caught on Camera: Cops Save Baby Choking on Side of Road

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SCHAUMBURG, Illinois -- Cops see it all, good and bad. Comes with the territory, right?

But no matter how tough and stoic a police officer may seem, some things will always cut deep.

"There's a different feeling you get when you respond to a call with a child in distress," said Officer Kevin O'Connor of the Schaumburg, Illinois, police. "It's just something inside of you."

O'Connor and fellow SPD Officer Bryan Poradzisz, both fathers of young children, experienced that different feeling March 10, when they got a call about an 18-month-old girl choking on the side of the road.

"I thought of my little girl," said Poradzisz.

Before they arrived at the scene, the outlook for Aureliana Colon bleak.

"What will always stick in my mind is what that girl looked like," said Poradzisz. "She was on her back ... her eyes were open, her mouth was open [and] she was pale with blue lips."

As Poradzisz performed the Heimlich maneuver, O'Connor reached down into her throat to clear an air passage.

"Out of my 21 years that was probably the most terrifying event I've ever experienced," said Poradzisz.

Finally, after what must have seemed like an eternity, but in reality was only seconds, there were signs of life, and Aureliana let out a scream.

"It was like the best noise you ever heard," said O'Connor.

Aureliania suffered a febrile seizure caused by a viral infection, according to family. She is now out of the hospital and recovering at home -- thanks, they say, to Poradzisz and O'Connor.


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