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Class Act: Frisco Student Produces Award Winning Documentary

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FRISCO, TX — Bringing a community together through the power of a story; That’s what makes Alex Alford our Class Act of the Week, brought to you by Time Warner Cable.

Alex is a junior at Lone Star High in Frisco. Last year when the school’s football team went on a magical run, becoming the first team from the district to ever make it to the State Championship, Alex saw the perfect opportunity to tell the squad’s story.

“We saw the community come around Lone Star, no matter what high school they went to in the district,” said Alex, “And seeing that and seeing what Texas football was supposed to look like… seeing everybody come together like that was amazing and I thought, this is a historical moment. It needs to be captured.”

And Alex poured in the work to make the documentary great.

“I kind of locked myself away in my office.” he recounted, “It was about 3 and a half days where I just sat… maybe eat, maybe sleep. That’s how it goes.”

“Alex is a very talented young man and he traveled with us throughout the year, all the way to the state championship game.” said Jeff Rayburn, the head coach of the football team.

And while the team fell just short of capturing their ultimate goal at the state title, Alex’s documentary, Ranger Maker, earned him the AMS Pictures Best Documentary Award.

It was actually Alex’s first swing a documentary film, and his overall passion for all things cinematic is driving him forward.

“Imagine a medium, imagine a device that can allow you to put yourself in another person’s shoes for just a couple hours,” Alex said, “And they say, ‘that doesn’t exist, that’s crazy.’ And I tell them, it does! It’s film!”

Well something tells us this won’t be his final cut!

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