The CIA Accidentally Left Their Explosives on a Virginia School Bus

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Ashburn, Va. – You can stop worrying about the need for seat belts on school buses — the country’s biggest spy agency has a much scarier scenario now that the CIA “inadvertently” left “explosive training material” on a Virginia school bus after a training exercise.

Not exactly welcome news for parents.

The materials “could not be activated through normal operation of the bus,” the agency said.

Somehow, some residents still were not pleased.

The spy agency used Briar Woods High School in Ashburn, Virginia, for canine explosive detection training while the campus was closed for spring break.

A container holding the explosive material was hidden in the bus’s engine compartment.

However, some of the material seems to have fallen out of the container and was accidentally left behind when the exercises ended, according to Loudoun County Public Schools and the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office.

The material was found Wednesday during a routine maintenance check. (Shout out to routine maintenance checks!)

The Loudoun County fire marshal and Sheriff’s Office were immediately called, and the CIA was notified.

The bus transported 26 students from two elementary schools and one high school over the two days the material was left in the bus, schools spokesman Wayde Byard said, making eight runs and logging about 145 miles those days. The school contacted parents of students who rode the bus individually.

The CIA recovered the training material and, as a precaution, three local canine units inspected other buses and found no additional traces of the explosive material.

Not sure if these were the same dogs who missed it the first time.

And who saw this coming? –> Training exercises among groups in this program have been suspended.

We hope the dogs who missed it in the first place don’t get in trouble.

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