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WWE Stars, Cowboys Visit Kids at Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas

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DALLAS -- WWE Wrestlemania is only days away. but Wednesday, the WWE Superstars and Divas teamed up with the Dallas Cowboys to take the time to visit some kids who are the real champs of the world.

“We’re just here at the Scottish Rite Hospital meeting some of the patents here. Some really great kids, really just great spirits. I'm really happy to be here," said WWE Superstar Sami Zayn.

Jonnie Mormon's son John Michael has been at Scottish Rite for a while and looks forward to when celebrities come in, "John Michael was excited to see all the Cowboys today.”

Latoya Harris said, “All of his three top wrestlers are here: Sin Cara, A.J Styles, Sami Zayn. He’s in love with all three of them.”

“We’re coming here to brighten up their day, but really in reality, they’re empowering us and brightening our day,” said WWE Diva Naomi.

“I’m so happy he gets to escape any kind of reality or any kind of stress that maybe going on with him and to actually enjoy this moment,” said Harris.

“That’s what being a sports entertainer is all about -- is to give back, see these kids put a smile on faces, help them forget about all their troubles. I got to admit, it makes me forget about things that are going on in my life and puts a smile on my face to see one on theirs," WWE Superstar Aj Styles told NewsFix.

“They’re a huge inspiration to all of us, and this is what we love about our job too is we get to come here to meet these wonderful kids who are fighting everyday to do something better,” said WWE Diva Tamina.

“To be able to walk in a room and make a kids face light up is a very special and humbling feeling,” Zayn said.

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