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Rhode Trippin’: Tourism Video ‘Mistakenly’ Uses Footage of Iceland

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PROVIDENCE, RI -- We've probably all done it before, watched some cool looking commercial that made us want to book a flight to the next best state. But thanks to a Rhode Island tourism video, we're left second guessing ourselves.

Not that we were just dying to visit anyway.

The 110 second TV ad shows an array of beautiful scenery, beaches, good-looking food and the Harpa Concert Hall.

Hold on, wait a minute. Isn't that all the way in Reykjavik, Iceland?

Yeah, looks like the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation went far north with this one.

After the Governor had already tweeted out the video, the corporation issued an apology claiming it was an "honest mistake" and "the footage in question is of a Rhode Island skateboarder."

Okay... We'll let that slide! But we don't think people would've made the trip for a dude doing a couple of tricks with his board! Just saying!

But Rhode Island isn't the only place trippin'. A New Zealand ad once featured a camper-van driving down the wrong side of the road! It was also pulled from the tube for safety reasons.

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