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Breaking Down the Other ‘Arrow’ Characters’ Harry Potter Fandom

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Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) is having a hard time dealing with his recent breakup, if his intense training regimen is any indication in the new sneak peek for Wednesday’s (March 30) episode of “Arrow.”

The team is officially worked to the bone, and worse, they’re afraid to even mention Felicity’s (Emily Bett Rickards) name in the Arrow Cave these days. Oliver quips back that she’s not Voldemort — it’s OK to say her name.

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If it’s not surprising enough that playboy Oliver Queen found time to get into “Harry Potter” in between partying with Tommy (Colin Donnell) and getting kicked out of several schools, he’s apparently more of a book fan than a movie fan.

Potterheads typically fall into one of two camps: either they’ve only seen the movies and don’t care much about the books, or they’re book fans who spend every minute of each movie picking apart the things the adaptation got wrong. There are rumors of a fabled third group that actually enjoys both the books and movies, but frankly, that just doesn’t sound possible.

Oliver’s hilarious confusion at finding out that they made the “Harry Potter” books into movies pretty clearly indicates that he falls into the book fan category, which got Zap2it thinking … where do the other characters fall?

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Thea Queen — movie fan


Thea (Willa Holland) would have been way too young to appreciate the books when they first started to gain traction in the ’90s, but she was the perfect age to appreciate the movies. Thea is no doubt a movie fan, but not the crazed kind; she’s more of a casual viewer of ABC Family’s “Harry Potter” marathons during Christmas.

Laurel Lance — book fan

black canary arrow 9 1422535277 Oliver Queen, Potterhead: Breaking down the other Arrow characters Harry Potter fandom

You can bet that Laurel (Katie Cassidy) read every book in the series when she wasn’t pouring over text books and law school homework. She seems like the kind of girl that would have a reading list a mile long, and “Harry Potter” was definitely somewhere at the top. She’s not a die hard Potterhead, but she’ll fight you if you try to call Ginny Weasley a damsel in distress.

John Diggle — not a fan

diggle arrow point 1447906998 Oliver Queen, Potterhead: Breaking down the other Arrow characters Harry Potter fandom

It’s safe to say that Diggle (David Ramsey) saw one movie and called it quits. He would have been deployed overseas when the majority of them came out in the early 2000s, and the fact that he’s so freaked out by Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) flashing around everywhere tells us that he’s probably not a big fantasy fan in the first place.

Felicity Smoak — book fan


Let’s face it, Felicity has the hardback and paperback versions of all seven books, a Hermione costume tucked away in her closet and an essay about why the Weasley house-burning scene in the sixth movie was just wrong. She’s a book purist, and while she can probably appreciate the technology that goes into the movie’s special effects better than anyone, she still refuses to go see them on principle.

Damien Darhk — movie fan


We’re pretty sure that Damien Darkh (Neal McDonough) ripped several of his villain moves straight out of the Lord Voldemort handbook. But not the cold and calculating Voldemort from the books — the showy and over the top movie Voldemort who needed a laser show battle to go down before he finally died. He is obviously a fan of the movies.

“Arrow” airs Wednesday at 7 p.m. CT on The CW

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