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Looks Like a Cell Phone… But It’s Called a Gun!

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There's no question, in this day and age, our cell phones are attached to our hips. But for some people, it's also their guns! That's why a company out of Minnesota is putting a different touch on concealed carry.

Get a load of this: A gun that looks just like a cell phone -- a Galaxy S7 to be exact.

According to creator Kirk Kjellberg, the idea came up after he attracted unwanted attention for carrying his concealed weapon in public. So, he made Ideal Conceal -- a more discreet alternative for the people who get a little gun-shy!

The gun is a double barreled .380-caliber that clips to your side. When you need it, you whip it out, click the safety, and fire.

Kjellberg says he's planning on giving the Department of Homeland Security x-rays of the gun so it can be distinguished from cellphones during TSA screenings.

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