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Black Out: New Tattoo Trend Gaining Traction On Social Media

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SINGAPORE- We've seen the dudes covered in ink from head to toe before. So many tattoos you can't imagine how they look before going under the needle. Believe it or not, plenty of people consider tattoos as body art. But before we pull a Picasso, what's actually considered art and what isn't?

Like this new trend called 'blackout tattoos.' Nothing much to it, just a tattoo artist covering parts of your body in black ink. Get it? Black. Out.

This tattoo trend came all the way from Singapore to the states and is currently a thing on social media.

People are showing off their body art, which covers everything from the chest, arms and legs. Now, you would think the cons would outweigh the pros on this fad.

Like, what if you change your mind? Well, you can probably forget about tattoo removal. But, then again, there was that one study claiming the more tattoos you get, the more your skin is immune to infections. So, if you're willing to walk around looking like Batman -- you  could perhaps be fighting off infections, too!

We're not judging. Just remember once you go black you can't go back!

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