Website Reveals Who Died in Your House and Who Had a Meth Lab

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How much do you really want to know about your home's previous owners? If walls could talk, would you really want to hear what they have to say?

Starting at $11.99, you might be surprised at what can dig up. The website will give you the morbid truth about some of the stuff that may have happened in your house.

"Our purpose is to help you find out before you buy or rent," founder Roy Condrey told WGNO.

Condrey knows from first-hand experience that it's not always fun finding out someone died in your house. So he created a website that will find out for you.

"Died in House" searches digital records with a custom algorithm, then compares names associated with the house to the U.S. Death Master Index.

And that's not all. The site will also report any meth labs or fires -- adding sex offender records is next.

By law, real estate agents aren't allowed to disclose an issue, if it's not a material defect such as a leaky roof or bad plumbing.