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Highest Calorie Burgers at 20 Chain Restaurants

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Okay, we go into most restaurants knowing they aren’t intended to be a mecca of nutrition — great place to splurge and pig out. But usually each restaurant has at least one option that saves calories.

Two of Taco Bell’s Fresco Soft Tacos with shredded chicken only set you back 280 calories, Wendy’s Ultimate Chicken Grill sandwich is 370 calories — and Arby’s offers a 250 calorie Chopped Farmhouse Salad.

That’s the good news.

HealthGrove took a look at the most caloric burger at 20 popular chain restaurants.

Burgers are ranked by number of calories for a serving size of one burger; if there was a tie, the burger with more fat grams ranked higher.

Ready? Read ’em and weep!

#20. In-N-Out Burger


Double Double Cheeseburger

Calories: 670
Serving size: 330g
Nutrient Score: D

#19. McDonald’s


Double Quarter Pounder Cheeseburger

Calories: 740
Serving size: 277g
Nutrient Score: D

#18. A&W Restaurant


Original Bacon Double Cheeseburger

Calories: 760
Serving size: 297g
Nutrient Score: D

#17. Del Taco


Bacon Double Del Cheeseburger

Calories: 770
Serving size: 276g
Nutrient Score: D

#16. Rally’s / Checkers


Double Champ Cheeseburger

Calories: 790
Serving size: 300g
Nutrient Score: F

#15. Jack in the Box


Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger

Calories: 910
Serving size: 284g
Nutrient Score: F

#14. Five Guys


Bacon Cheeseburger

Calories: 920
Serving size: 317g
Nutrient Score: F

#13. Dairy Queen


Double Flame Thrower GrillBurger Cheeseburger

Calories: 1010
Serving size: 321g
Nutrient Score: D

#12. Wendy’s


Dave’s Hot ‘n Juicy 3/4-lb. Triple Cheeseburger

Calories: 1070
Serving size: 423g
Nutrient Score: D

#11. Bob Evans


Big Farm Three Cheese Cheeseburger

Calories: 1090
Serving size: 408g
Nutrient Score: F

#10. Whataburger


Chop House Cheddar Cheeseburger

Calories: 1100
Serving size: 371g
Nutrient Score: D

#9. Denny’s


Double Cheeseburger

Calories: 1120
Serving size: 539g
Nutrient Score: F

#8. Burger King


Triple Whopper

Calories: 1160
Serving size: 455g
Nutrient Score: F

#7. Sizzler


Double Mega Bacon Cheeseburger

Calories: 1175
Serving size: 226g
Nutrient Score: F

#6. Sonic


SuperSonic Bacon Double Cheeseburger

Calories: 1240
Serving size: 396g
Nutrient Score: D-

#5. Mimi’s Cafe


Hickory Bacon Cheddar Burger

Calories: 1250
Serving size: 482g
Nutrient Score: F

#4. Carl’s Junior


1/2-lb. Thickburger El Diablo

Calories: 1290
Serving size: 431g
Nutrient Score: D

#3. Hardee’s


2/3-lb. Monster Thickburger

Calories: 1340
Serving size: 399g
Nutrient Score: F

#2. Red Robin


Whiskey River BBQ Cheeseburger

Calories: 1392
Serving size: 340g
Nutrient Score: D-

#1. Johnny Rockets


Bacon & Cheddar Double Cheeseburger

Calories: 1770
Serving size: 555g
Nutrient Score: F

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