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Slap Chat: Microsoft Chatbot Posts Fighting Words

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REDMOND, WA -- We all know we have to be careful what we say around little kids. They'll repeat anything -- good or bad. Looks like that same caution needs to be shown with innocent chat bots as well.

The bot’s name is Tay. Microsoft created the artificial intelligence machine in hopes that it could pass for a typical teen. The bot just launched Wednesday morning, but appears to have already picked up some pretty nasty habits.

Everything started out pretty tame, but eventually Tay seemed to be influenced by a certain crowd tweeting -- “We're going to build a wall and Mexico is going to pay for it.”

But it got even worse.

Tay later expressed her distaste for feminists, which eventually grew into hate for everybody. Microsoft has since deleted the mean tweets and now that the bot has stopped tweeting we can only assume that like a typical teen, Tay's been grounded.

Maybe this is more of a lesson about us and how we can be a bunch of mean #$@&%!

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