What is Velocity 9? ‘The Flash’ Delivers Corny Anti-Drug PSA

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zoom the flash What is Velocity 9? The Flash delivers corny anti drug PSA

It’s been a long time coming and in Tuesday’s (March 22) episode of “The Flash,” more details about Zoom’s identity have come to light. To avoid any spoilers for the episode titled, “Trajectory,” do not continue reading.

In the final moments of the episode, Cisco (Carlos Valdes)  vibed on Jay Garrick’s (Teddy Sears) classic Flash helmet only to witness Zoom remove his mask. It was an interesting episode, for sure, which not only introduced the reason Zoom wants Barry’s speed, but also dropped a new speedster into the mix.

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Velocity 9 is the drug that gave Garrick his sickness and it so happens to also be the serum that Caitlin’s (Danielle Panabaker) scientist friend Eliza Harmon (Allison Paige) — who works at Mercury Labs — has become addicted to. While Cisco poorly dubs her evil alter-ego “Bad Flash,” Eliza introduces herself as “Trajectory,” which somehow sounds even worse.

So what is this V-9 everyone is so upset about? According to DC lore, Velocity 9 is a serum created by Vandal Savage. While it gives the user super speed, the ability comes at a price as its side effects include premature aging, exhaustion and eventually death.

It’s these dangers that keeps Barry on Trajectory’s toes. He may have been tempted to inject the drug into his own body to become faster, but weird father figure Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) talked him out of it in a scene that came off almost as a … 1990s anti-drug PSA.

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Still, it’s that dialog that keeps Allen on the straight and narrow and like any positive family drama, The Flash finds the power in himself. Getting his speed up to Mach 3.3 to jump the destroyed bridge and bring down Elizah, Barry does his best to save the scientist. Unfortunately, Elizah ignores the message and injects herself one last time. It’s this final high that causes her lightning to turn blue before disintegrating into oblivion.

With “Bad Flash” out of the picture, Barry presents the notion that V-9 is the cause for Zoom’s sickness as he also exhibits blue lightning. With a knack for timing, Cisco reveals to the gang that he’s been vibing on Zoom for a while.

So, in an overly dramatic move that shatters the case which holds Garrick’s helmet, Cisco takes a mental trip back once more and this time, witnesses Zoom removing his mask.

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What the audience has known for a while, the STAR Labs gang now also knows: Jay Garrick is Zoom. However, they don’t yet know which version of Jay Garrick this is — Hunter Zolomon is the man behind the mask.

Still, the rage hits Barry as he jets to the edge of a cliff to scream at the sky. Talk about drama!

“The Flash” airs Tuesdays at 7 p.m. CT on The CW.

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