SEE IT: 5-Year-Old Saves Drowning Mom From Pool

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PORTLAND, TX -- You'd never let your small child swim alone in a pool. But you might swim a little safer if a small child is with you!

Five-year-old Allison Anderwald and her mom, Tracy, were swimming in their backyard pool in Portland, near Corpus Christi, when Tracy apparently had a seizure.

Their security video caught the whole thing.

Girl saves mom from pool

Tracy was face down in the pool. Allison hurried over to her and dragged her to the shallow end. She even managed to turn her over and get her head out of the water.

Then she ran into the house for help.

"She was really heavy, and I could only get the top part of her out, and then her other daughters ran over and helped me get her out, and so, Allison was able to do that on her own. And so, it's a miracle," said Tedra Hunt, Allison's aunt.

Tracy was completely out of it throughout the ordeal.

"I woke up in the hospital bed and had no idea where I was," Tracy said.

Allison got a little shy when the cameras showed up.

She started swimming before her third birthday. So if you think your child is too young for swimming lessons or you just don't wanna pay for them, remember Allison.

The life a child saves just might be yours.

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