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Sophia the Robot Wants to Destroy Humans & Have a Family

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DALLAS -- We've seen the movies -- some smart human creates a robot, the robot outsmarts the human and takes over the world! But what if all those sci-fi flicks aren't so "fiction" anymore.

Meet Sophia, the most advanced human-like robot to date, according to CNBC.

She has life-like skin and can make 62 facial expressions. Sophia also has cameras for eyes and can recognize humans and make eye contact. She's programmed with a combination of Google Chrome voice recognition and other tools to chat and get smarter over time.

Yeah, Siri has nothing on this bot!

The brains behind Sophia is Dr. David Hanson. He attended the University of North Texas and got his PhD in engineering from the University Of Texas at Dallas. The doc currently leads his own team of engineers at Hanson Robotics, creating robots like Sophia.

"We are designing these robots to serve in health care, therapy, education and customer service applications," he told CNBC.

We have to admit, it's pretty cool to think robots can lend us a hand or two. But on the other hand, their high-tech skills could leave humans jobless. A few articles on the web claim major companies will soon be run by robot CEOs.


"I hope to do things such as go to school, make art, start a business even have my home and family," Sophia told CNBC.

Not only could our jobs be in jeopardy, but ladies, Sophia could possibly take your man too! Have you seen the movie Ex-Machina?! Robo-lady was pretty hot for a bot!

Well, let's just hope in the future robots like Sophia come in peace.

Check out Sophia in action:


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