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SEE IT: Easter Bunny Beats Up Dad in New Jersey

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JERSEY CITY, NJ -- No one ever said being an Easter bunny was easy, but it doesn’t have to be sleazy. Check this out. Cell phone video caught an Easter bunny beating up a dad in a New Jersey Mall!

Reports say it started after a one-year-old girl took a pic with the bunny on Palm Sunday. But it's unclear what caused this silly rabbit to rip off his head, toss his gloves and start throwing punches.

He was fired up!

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Even after mall security pulled them apart, bunny came back for more and unleashed another beatdown on dad.

Both ended up in the hospital.

No word if either the dad or the bunny will be charged with anything, which makes us wonder what that would be? Assaulting an Easter bunny, maybe?

Or how about westling with a wascally wabbit?

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