Grape Escape: Global Warming Might Make Better Wine

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BURGANDY, France — You’ve heard all the warnings about climate change: The earth is getting hotter. The weather’s getting more severe. The poles are gonna melt. And rising sea levels will flood Manhattan and major cities around the world.

Now that’s an inconvenient truth. If it’s the truth at all, we’re not taking sides, here.

But if┬áthe earth’s out to kill us for our bad behavior, at least we can die happy.

For all the bad that might come from global warming, there’s a little good, too. You can find it in a bottle of wine.

A study from Harvard and NASA says climate change might actually be improving the quality of some wines.

They found that higher temperatures in France and Switzerland are causing earlier grape harvests and earlier harvests are usually associated with better wine.

But Hoda and Kathie Lee better drink it while they can. The researchers say if said climate change intensifies, it might make the wine worse instead of better!


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