Video Shows Missouri Cops Making Meth

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Weldon Springs, MO -- You've heard the term, fighting fire with fire. Well, how does that work when you're fighting meth?

A video leaked this week showing Missouri Highway Patrol officers learning to cook up a batch of the illegal drug.

But wait. It's not what you think.

No, they're not selling it. The head of the Missouri narcotics officers association says the training can save lives.

"You don't know when an investigator is going to step into this lab," Jason Grellner of the Missouri Narcotics Officers Association said. "They need to know the process and what part of the process the cook is in so they know how to handle the chemicals for the safety of themselves and Everyone around them."

And the same video has been used to train street officers, firefighters and EMS workers.

'Cause you never know when routine work will lead to something tragic.