The Golden Circle: Organization Hosts Panel To Discuss Black Women In Politics

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DALLAS- When Denita Lacking-Quinn created her organization, The Golden Circle, there were a few things she had to square away. One in particular is to inform the community about black women in politics.

"A lot of us did not know who our African-American women leaders were that are in politics," she told Newsfix.

But, Denita is working to change that --- and it all starts with the event, State of Black Women in Politics. Saturday morning, State Representative Yvonne Davis joined a handful of other black women in politics at the Bill J. Priest Institute. The panel dished on personal experiences and advice on how to survive in a career where black women are currently considered the minority.

"We came up with this event because there's a need to learn about the political future of the city of Dallas through the eyes of African-American women leaders," Denita added.

"We want to be clear that it's okay for them to think what they think as long as you know who you are and what you're about," Davis said to a room full of spectators.

"This forum opened our eyes in so many ways now we know that we have support," Denita explained.

Here's to the black women flexing their political muscles and those looking to take on the challenge in the future.