Grav3yardgirl: YouTube Star Bunny Meyer Spills Success Secrets

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DALLAS -- Creating video blogs began for Bunny Meyer as a hobby -- and turned into more than 6.6 million grav3yardgirl subscribers on YouTube!

NewsFix caught up with Bunny to talk all things beauty, vlogging, and everything else in between.

"I think first, I started getting into playing with makeup because I always loved doing theater in school," she said. "I started wearing red lipstick in the second grade. I was obsessed with Catwoman. Catwoman wore red lipstick, so I was gonna wear red lipstick."

As for the name grav3yardgirl, Bunny said, "I've always loved creepy things -- spooky things, paranormal, horror. So I was like, 'Oh, grav3yardgirl. Sounds perfect.'"

But it's pretty safe to say her success happened by accident.

"I used to make clothing, and I was in a bad car accident in 2010 and I broke my hand, so I couldn't really sew as well as I used to. I have a friend at the time who knew I loved make-up -- knew that I loved cameras and computers and all kinds of stuff like that -- and showed me YouTube," she said.

And a star was born!

Now, Bunny Meyer is looking to connect with her viral followers this weekend at Fair Park during Beautycon Dallas.

"Beauty Con is this Saturday, so I'm here to meet my swamp family," she told NewsFix.

And she's even bringing a treat -- her Beautycon Spring Box, "We worked on that for six months and I curated some of my favorite products."

How about a few makeup tips?  "I would say the most important thing is -- just don't be intimidated because makeup always washes off. It's not permanent."

Hey, that's grav3yard genius!

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