Class Act: Irving Nimitz Senior Finds Her Passion with Animals

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IRVING, TX — Finding your place in life may be tough and take some time, but once you do, it’s a walk in the park! That’s what makes Nancy Adame our Class Act of the Week, brought you by Time Warner Cable.

Nancy is a senior at Irving Nimitz, and while she’s got her life planned out now, she didn’t always find school so appealing.

“During my freshman year, I was living here in the United States with only my dad and my brother," Nancy told NewsFix. “My mother was in Mexico, and I was having harsh times in school. My academic success wasn’t that good back then, my grades were a little bit low.”

But thanks to some inspirational teachers, and some four-legged friends, Nancy was able to find her place at school!

“I started gaining a little bit more confidence in myself and decided that I wanted to do better in school and have a better opportunity to attend a college,” Nancy said.

“I saw a lot of leadership qualities," said Demond Spiller, an agriculture teacher at Nimitz. “She was always diligent about getting her work done and she was inquisitive, a lot of questions.”

And those questions led her to the school’s veterinary medicine pathway.

“I’ve always liked animals since freshman year, so I decided that when I graduated from high school I wanted to have the most experience possible with them and be able to go out there in the workplace and do something I’ve always liked,” said Nancy.

She now helps run the Nimitz Pet Care enterprise.

“We work with all animals. We groom them, we give shots. We also have a pet care at our school that provides all day care for pets of students.”

Well, thanks to her pet passion, it looks like Nancy has a new leash on life, and she’s leading it exactly where she wants to go.

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