Marisol Espinosa Remembered at Funeral, Loved Ones Vow Justice

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DALLAS -- Family and friends gave a final farewell to 34-year-old Marisol Espinosa Monday afternoon, holding a funeral at St. Edward Catholic Church in Dallas.

"She was the glue to our family,” cousin Wendy Lopez said during her eulogy. "She brought us together. She brought all of us together."

A crowd of between 100 and 200 mourners came out to pay their respects and to grieve with Marisol’s family.

"You lose a child, you can't ever forget that,” said family friend Ava Ramirez. "People say, `You'll get over it.' You don't get over it."

Espinosa was given her final celebration of life Monday, but her story is far from finished.

"I didn't think I would have to avenge my cousin's death, but we did it, we will and it will happen,” Lopez said.

On a day marked in memoriam for the mother of three, the hunt for Marisol’s killer continues. The masses sent a clear message on their shirts to whomever that killer is.

"We will get justice for Mari,” childhood friend Tameka Thompson said, wearing a ‘Justice for Mari’ shirt. "I love you Mari, and it's not over until God says it's over.”

Dallas PD is calling ex-boyfriend Faustino Valdez a person of interest. He went MIA shortly after Marisol went missing. He hasn’t been forgotten, though.

"I hope whoever it is, is looking over their shoulder every day since,” said Marisol’s former co-worker Aryana Khanzadeh. "I bet a piece of him died. I bet he died that day, too."

For both Marisol and her family, the priest offered one valuable piece of advice: “There is another chapter to come. Death is not the end."