Coppell High School Hosts Nike Football’s “The Opening”

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COPPELL, TX — March may not be football season, but for those looking to achieve their gridiron dreams, the work never stops!

On Sunday, Coppell High School hosted Nike Football’s The Opening. Think the NFL combine for high schoolers! And while all the athletes on the field may have been amateurs, the competition they all bring is all-pro.

“It’s great to come out here and compete with the top guys in this area. You’ve got guys coming from Oklahoma as well and all around the states,” said Thabo Mwaniki from Denton Guyer. “To be honest, it's the biggest competition in the nation -- right here in Dallas.”

“Well, I like doing it every year and it's a great competition out here, so I always have fun with it,” said Brendan Vaughn from Forney. “It’s always important to show off; you know who can do the best time and everything so yeah, the stakes are kind of high.”

Their 40 times, shuttle times, verticals, and strength are all meticulously recorded, and on-hand college scouts and coaches, analyzing every move.

The Opening gives an equal opportunity to each player to show his abilities.

“It’s pretty awesome; it’s fun,” said Gjemar Daniels from Kennedale High, “[The] goal is just to do your best, see who comes and talks to you; just get recognized, show everybody what I got.”

“There’s always pressure, but you’ve just got to stay cool and ball out,” added Mwaniki.

Yeah, ball out and stand out from the massive crowd, to try to take your football dream from high school to college. And beyond.