Sensitive Bunny Caters to Kids with Special Needs

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IRVING- For Michael Vega, taking his son to visit Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny wasn't quite the picture perfect experience.

"Normally, whenever we try to do the Santa Claus pictures or Easter Bunny pictures, he's not having it, Vega told NewsFix.

The two-year-old was recently diagnosed with autism. So, Michael made it his mission to hunt for a special friend who would make his son feel comfortable.

"We've been doing a little research and my wife's been trying to find things that we can take him out to, let him kinda be himself you know," he added.

Thanks to a warm welcome from the Sensitive Bunny, Michael was able to share the comforting experience with his son for the first time.

"A little high five moment right there," Vega explained. "The way he kind of just warmed up to the bunny and was like, 'Alright, I'll pay attention to you.'"

Sensitive Bunny caters to special needs kids with sensory sensitivities. The furfriend was the main attraction at Irving Mall on Sunday as kids stopped by to get their free picture.

"It's just great interacting with the kids and giving them the time and space that they need to take to the bunny," photographer Stefanie Tamez said.

Donations from the event will go to Autism Speaks, an organization that sponsors research and raises awareness for the disorder.