Fashion Fix: Local Designers Deliver Couture to Women … On the Go!

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NORTH TEXAS- It was a match made in haute heaven when Sande Brandt and Rosie Vann- Dalton met seven years ago. The two were frustrated with corporate retail before they decided to can their 9 to 5 and create their own boutique, Couture In A Can. It's a mobile air stream that delivers women's fashion at its finest!

"We really were trying to find a way to make it more convenient for women because most women nowadays are extremely busy and not all women love to shop," Sande added.

For five years the duo have traveled throughout Dallas- Fort Worth. They cater to all types of women -- from stay at home moms who are looking to reinvent their threads, to the working woman who's looking to turn heads in the office.

"So the original concept was to really just go to women's homes and they could come in and shop the season and now it's kind of manifested itself different ways," Rosie said.

fashionWhether it's a house visit, ladies night, or rolling through the hottest spots in Dallas, Couture In A Can is always on the go! With the success of the business, Rosie and Sande have been able to add a second can to their lot.

"Can one needs to have a little down time and go visit the can man," explained Sande.

This time, can two was built with more space. It features four fitting rooms versus the two that were on the first one.

"At the public events where it can get a little crazy,  we can now maximize the space better," Rosie explained.

A special bond between the business partners is what keeps Couture In A Can rolling. Sande and Rosie makes it a point to promote a positive and fun shopping experience for their clients.

"The plan ultimately is to have little cans all over America," Rosie added.

So, if you're ever in need of couture and convenience wrapped in one ... Couture In A Can just might be your next Fashion Fix.