Honeymoon is Over; AAA Predicts Gas Price Hike on Horizon

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NORTH TEXAS -- C’mon, admit it – it’s been nice rollin’ into the gas station and filling your tank for under two bucks a gallon these days.

“Feels like we’ve kinda gone back in time with the fuel prices," North Texas drive  Jonathon Sturm told NewsFix. "It's been more comfortable than it’s been in a long time.”

Well, we hate to break it you friends, but looks like the honeymoon will soon come to a screeching halt.

"I have noticed prices have gone up a little bit and I am a little concerned, but I understand how it goes during the political presidential time, things fluctuate," Laurance Waters noted.

That’s right – we’re about to get dumped at the pump, again!

AAA reports gas prices are set to rise 30 to 50-cents a gallon by Memorial Day. Ah, that’s nice; just in time for the summer travel season. The hike is also fueled by refineries performing their seasonal switch.

"I’m concerned about it going up; it’s down it’s up; it’s down it’s up,” driver Jimmy Davis said.

So, here`s some perspective: right now, the national average for a gallon of gas is $1.84 a gallon; in Texas it`s $1.63. By May 30th, we`ll likely shell out $2.13 a gallon.

"The economy is getting better, but for us hard-working people, it just seems like we’re spinning our wheels with the gas prices,” Sturm added.

Well, here’s hoping you get a lot of mileage out of these prices before it’s back to pain at the pump.

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