Who’s Screaming for Ben & Jerry’s 3 New Ice Cream Flavors?

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Credit: Ben & Jerry's

Credit: Ben & Jerry’s

Get ready to scream! Ben & Jerry’s just introduced 3 new flavors.

Brownie Batter has chocolate and vanilla ice cream, similar to Blue Bell’s The Great Divide, but with a brownie chunk core down the middle.

There’s also Cookies & Cream Cheesecake, with a cheesecake core down the middle of chocolate, cheesecake, and cookie ice cream.

And finally, Coconuts for Caramel has caramel and fudge-flaked coconut ice creams joined with a caramel core.

These latest core flavors are already in the freezer section and join the likes of Hazed & Confused, Karamel Sutra, Peanut Buttah, Spectacular Speculoos, and That’s My Jam.

But more importantly….