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Simon Says: I’m Not OK With Kim K or Naked Political Selfies

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DALLAS -- Okay, I swore to myself I’d never talk about Kim Kardashian. Kim K is no OK with me -- because I just don’t get it.

You know she, like, had nothing to wear and the Internet blew up again.

Everyone is talking about the naked selfie. Ya think it's possible more people know about this than know what happened to Nancy Reagan?

Want another Naked truth: there’s a good chance someone you know or love… has a nude shot of themselves on a phone.  This survey claims 9 out of 10 women have done it.

While this one claims 70% of all 18 to 24-year-olds are doing it.

Why so much? There are a lot of people with their own theories.

And the overall theme is that so many of you want to shock, startle, get noticed, feel liked, or titillate -- excuse the pun -- because a body shot is the best thing you’ve got going!

Okay, where have we been seeing this kind of shocking and titillating thing lately?

It seems ALL of the debates on both sides have gotten way too personal. Every candidate is guilty of their own political naked selfie as a way to get noticed, trying to shock and awe us into voting for them!

It’s ugly. It  feels more like the WWE than “We the People."

Yeah, Kim K. had nothing to wear. That’s why she did it.

Ya know why the candidates are doing the #politicalnakedselfie -- because they have nothing to share!

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