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Happy National Pack Your Lunch Day!

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TJ Lunch

NewsFix Operations Director TJ brings his lunch every day. Because he promised his wife.

Brown paper bags are being popped open everywhere as we celebrate National Pack Your Lunch Day. Health experts applaud the day for encouraging people to skip eating out and instead bring a healthy lunch from home.

Bringing your own lunch to work is not only cheaper, but it’s often the healthier choice. Brown baggers have more control over what goes into their lunches, how much, how it’s prepared, and the ingredients.

Instead of grabbing a burger today, make a sandwich of lean lunch meats; choose carrot sticks or fruit over french fries, and have dark chocolate for dessert instead of a milkshake or fat piece of cake.

Kevin and Allyn

Eye Opener eats lunch early! Kevin could take a lesson from Allyn about packing a lunch.

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