Tornado-Damaged Homes in Garland, Rowlett Hit Again By Severe Weather

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ROWLETT -- It's the first big storm after deadly tornadoes hit north Texas back in December; homes in the Rowlett and Garland area still haven't completely recovered from the bashing they took.  Houses have rain gushing in through the roof from storms moving through.

"This one received major roof damage," general contractor Lin Tyler said from inside one of the homes.  "It blew away the garage.  The front living room wall.  The east wall is blown out of the house."

And now, homeowners are finding they have some big leaks going on.  Not to mention the rats, who are creeping out looking for a quick buck.  Tyler says tornado victims are being bombarded by contractors who make and break promises, leaving families out in the cold.

"It's sad to see how it's basically putting everybody's lives on hold until it's resolved," Tyler said.  "Some people are having to go through litigation before than can even start rebuilding their home, and that's not right."

When contractors leave folks high and dry - and not in a good way - Tyler says it ties up people's insurance money, even though no work is being done.

"My hat is off to both the City of Rowlett and Garland," said Tyler.  "They have been very good at trying to get all the contractors registered and controlled - a lot of the scam artists that are out there.  Unfortunately, there's a lot of those that have kinda worked their way through the system and are out here taking advantage of a lot of people."

Talk about getting hit while you're down.  But Tyler says the folks he's working with are hellbent on rebuilding.

"I believe with all my heart," he said, "that we'll see this community back as strong as ever."

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