Prima Donna of Gadgets Lets the Rich See First Run Movies

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LOS ANGELES, CA - We all know that person who loves nothing more than to spoil a movie you’re watching. Well, the spoiler in your crew is about to get even more annoying -- that is, if they have a few thousand bucks lying around.

There's a new system called Prima Cinema that gives movie fans access to first-run movies while they're still in theaters. Only catch? It costs $35,000.

But that's just for the device; the price for each movie you watch is $500! Yeah, a Netflix & Chill session might be a bit cheaper. Not to mention, there are currently ways to get those same movies without paying anything at all, not that NewsFix condones that type of behavior.

If you do have a history of pirating media, you can kiss this opportunity goodbye no matter how rich you are. Prima Cinema does a background check on all customers to make sure they aren't illegal downloaders.

But you better move fast if you want to get this bad boy on the cheap. Prima Cinema is about to replace current models with a new 4k version that'll set you back $50,000!

Sheesh, these blockbusters have become quite the pocket-busters.

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