Twins with Different Fathers Born in Vietnam — Seriously!

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VIETNAM — This case would send Maury Show ratings through the roof. There’s a real case of twins born with different fathers.


You can blame nosy family members for cracking this case. A couple in Vietnam took their twins in for DNA testing after pressure from extended family members who noticed the babies didn’t look alike.

The results are in and… “You ARE the father! And you are NOT the father.”


The twins have the same mother but different fathers. Wow.

While this is the first Maury-esque twin case in Vietnam, it’s not the first case ever. Turns out, a New Jersey man discovered last year that he’s only the father of one twin girl.

How is this even possible?

kanye how sway

Well, time for a biology lesson. Ready? Here ya go…

A woman’s egg has a life span of 12 to 48 hours, and a sperm is viable up to 10 days. That means there’s about a week’s time for potential overlap… and the fertilization of two eggs by two sperm from separate acts of sexual intercourse.

Moral of the story here is…


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