Spice of Blythe: Turn the Tables on Your Kids!

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DALLAS -- Hey parents!  Don't you just love it when your kids have a "seasonal" break from school?  You have to work, they're home. You wanna sleep in, they're home. You want to take just a moment off from cooking, but they're home!

What can you do??

How about you turn the tables!  Instead of Mom and Dad working hard all day, then slaving away even more in the kitchen, let's see what your kids can do for you.

For example: Chocolate fudge waffles!  Or regular waffles if you don't have chocolate fudge.  Either way, you can put whatever kind of fruit or toppings on them, there's minimal cutting, minimal mess, and lots of love in that waffle.

Or, how about mini pizzas?  Again, you have options. They can make pizza crust out of English muffins, you can get the frozen kind, or they can just make their own and show off that creativity!

Finally, who doesn't love cupcakes?!  The kids can make the batter, bake it pretty easily, and they can decorate them any way they want to show Mom and Dad just how much they love them.

The Spice of Blythe is: Let's turn the tables on the kids.  Let's put the kids in the kitchen, put the parents back on the couch and in bed.

Relax and let the kids show you just how much they love you.

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