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Period Pass: Company Gives Ladies Time Off During Menstrual Cycle

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BRISTOL, UK -- For some women, welcoming that monthly visitor is the worst part of the month!

Yeah, I bet you can't name one woman who's excited to get their menstrual cycle. Yeah, I'll wait!

The side effects can be fatigue, bloated belly, headaches, a bitchy 'tude, cramps, nausea, binge eating -- the list goes on!

But just because the men don't feel our pain, one UK company does! Coexist CIC in Bristol is planning to introduce a new policy to give it's female employees the flexibility to work around their cycles.

Kind of ironic considering being "flexible" is the last thing you think of when women are on their period. The so-called "Period Policy" will reportedly allow women to either work from home or take time off when times get tough.

No strings attached!

The company's boss, Bex Baxter, claims the idea behind the policy came after she got tired of women having to apologize for something natural.

She's got a good point there!

Wonder if this idea will flow on over to the USA! Now, I can name plenty of women who'd appreciate that!



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