Trashy Art: Dallas to Hold Dumpster Art Contest

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DALLAS-Get ready, we’re about to talk trash!

Dallas is looking to turn its recycle bins into some real treasure.

The city's sanitation department is accepting application from artists and teams of five to compete in the Art for the Dumpsters Project.

"What we're asking for is help in designing them so that when people pass them by they can easily recognize a recycling drop off site," said Murray Myers, Zero Waste Manager for Sanitation Services.

The idea is to turn a dumpy eye sore into some eye-catching art!

"If you've passed your 1st grade art class you're qualified," said Myers.

Artists from the Metroplex will get to show off their artwork during the Deep Ellum Arts Festival on April 2nd.

But turning these bulky bins into eye candy comes with some rules. The art should show the benefits of recycling and incorporate Dallas into the theme!

The master pieces will be on display on revamped recycling dumpsters around Dallas neighborhoods to encourage everyone to be rubbish responsible.

"The submissions are all due on March 18th at 5 p.m.,” he said.

So what's the grand prize you might ask?

Myers says the top finalists will get a prize of $250 and the artist or team that gets the grand prize an additional prize of $1,150.

Not to mention the top winner will get their art work splashed on a collections truck!

So brush up on your painting skills, after all, trashy talent is a terrible thing to waste.