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Snake Has Emergency C-Section After Eating a Teddy Bear

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GOLD COAST, Australia — Anyone missing a purple teddy bear? We think we know where it is.

Winter is coming in Australia and that has snakes feasting; one python let her appetite get the better of her when she swallowed someone’s teddy bear.

“They’re really hunting, obsessing for food, and if a dog had been playing with this and it smells right, it will do,” snake catcher Tony Harrison said.

Harrison noticed the unusual bulge in the carpet python’s body; an x-ray confirmed the stuffed animal was in there and the 6 1/2-foot snake underwent surgery to remove it.

Snakes will snack on unusual items, like tails or plastic bags, if they smell right, but it’s rare that they get medical attention. Most die. The retrieval of this teddy is the first time the attending vet has operated on snake in a career of 16 years.

Since the operation, the bear has been washed several times and is on his way back to his owner.

And the snake? She’s looking tough with 15 stitches and going through a round of antibiotics.


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