The Rustic Plays Up #SuperTuesday with Presidential Drinks

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DALLAS -- Many people across North Texas chose to go to the ballot box to make their voices heard this Super Tuesday. Others, though, were off to a watering hole to waste away again in Hillaritaville.

The Rustic stepped up to the plate this election season, giving us our most patriotic cocktail concoctions.

"It is served either frozen or on the rocks depending on which way the polls suggest it should go,” The Rustic Owner Kyle Noonan said as he described the Hillarita.

How about The Socialist?

"It's free, although it is $9 in taxes,” Noonan said.

Then there’s the Trumptini.

"It's served with a side of American caviar because we have no foreign ingredients in this whatsoever,” Noonan said.

The Rustic served drinks inspired by each major presidential candidate, and the stunt caught the attention of a friend in a high place.

"Sounds phenomenal,” Donald Trump, Jr. said about the Trumptini.

So what’s Trump, Jr.’s take on what The Rustic calls the "stiff as hell" Booz Cruz that "doesn’t pair well with anything?"

"I think that speaks for itself,” Trump said. "I think that's a pretty accurate assessment.”

A Ben’s Brain Freeze might be the only way to explain the local District Three commissioner’s race. John Wiley Price was in his commission seat Tuesday, but his watch party Tuesday night was closed to the public and the media.

The physical fighting may be over, but four candidates are fighting for that seat.

Over in Fort Worth, Tarrant County Sheriff Dee Anderson gained a Trumptini level of fame for his part in hunting down the affluenza family, but was it enough to put away challenger Bill Waybourn?

Whichever you chose, voting or drinking (or both), we hope you did it responsibly.