Spice of Blythe – Just Add Wine!

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DALLAS -- Wine can improve even the worst day when you get home from work, but did you know it can also improve your cooking?

I've talked to you before about how everything has a purpose, but let's talk about one of my favorite subjects.


First off, wine in food. What does wine do for food?

Well, it makes it saucy, for one. It makes it boozy. And it makes it a little bit naughty.

But you can also use it when poaching something, or for braising, or sauteing.

When someone sends you wine that you don't love, put it in the food.

Someone gives you wine that's a little cheap and not your favorite, put it in the food.

When in doubt about wine, Put. It. In. The. Food.

With a braised pork shank, I pour it in and make a dirty bath of wine and butter; we braise it all day long.

With my short ribs, we put in red wine and we slowly poach it all day and all night.

And then there's my baby, the thing that has made me cook so well, the naughty cream corn. We braise it in a little bit of champagne and a little bit of cream cheese.

Not only do I love wine with my favorite subject, food, but I love it for myself as well.

It's not how much it costs, it's not how great it is, and it's not even if you have anyone to drink with. It's about opening up that bottle, having a moment away, and enjoying yourself.

There goes the cell phone. There go the kids. There goes a rough day with the crappy boss. So what's the Spice of Blythe?

Enjoy yourself. Indulge yourself. Open that bottle and enjoy it. You've earned it and you deserve it.

Add a little wine not only to your food, but to your life.