Google Gone! Japanese Court Demands ‘Right to be Forgotten’ for Sex Offender

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TOKYO -- Ever wish you could erase all the bad things you've ever done and have a squeaky clean rep?  Well, if you move to Japan, you can apparently make that happen!

The "Right to be Forgotten" is gaining traction with the Japanese government. It gives people with a criminal record a chance to delete news reports, blogs, or delete any online content off search engines that might be harmful to their good name.

One court in Japan just ordered Google to hide all stories about a Japanese man who was convicted of child sex offenses. Japanese news reports say Google appealed the order, but the man's criminal record is wiped clean off the server. The judge said the now un-Googleable man deserves the chance to rebuild his life "unhindered" by records of his criminal past.

Maybe Johnny Manziel would like to exercise that right?

Or Kim K? She would probably like to trash that sex tape that started her career. Nahhhhhh.... prob not!

But I bet we can all think of plenty of people who'd love to take Japan up on their offer.