Campaign Cramming: Bush Library Unveils ‘Path To The Presidency’ Exhibit

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DALLAS — With the eyes of the nation on Super Tuesday and this crazy election, maybe the past can offer a little clarity on exactly what the heck is going on!

Well, the George W. Bush Presidential Library is hosting The Path To The Presidency, taking a look back at over 200 years' worth of presidential campaigns.

Guests can take a seat in a 1960’s living room and catch the famous Nixon-Kennedy debate, see artifacts from Bill Clinton’s sunglasses to a letter from George Washington, and even give their acceptance speech.

But most importantly, the exhibit gives some historical perspective in this all important election year.

“You’re able, in this exhibit, to look back at some of these campaigns, starting from the very beginning -- the first really contentious campaign in 1800 -- and going up toward modern day, and seeing how some things never change.” said Alan Lowe, director of the museum.

Yeah, turns out vicious campaign attacks and political mudslinging aren’t such a new thing at all; even a founding father like John Adams wasn’t safe!

And it doesn’t matter how far back you go; you can see here that we’ve always been just about split on who we want running things.

“No matter what the party, you see definite opinions throughout all of our history, right?” said Lowe, “And they vote according to those opinions.”

Well, the exhibit opens Super Tuesday and runs through October. So before you hit the ballot box, take a step back through history, and get a crash course in how we’ve decided who gets to lead the nation.