‘Batman Vs. Superman’ Ultimate Tickets Save the Day

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NORTH TEXAS -- It might be the fight of the century, and even though it's fiction, it'll probably be far more entertaining than the real life fight of the century between Mayweather and Pacquiao.

We're talking about Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. Ticket presales have already started, but there's one ticket package that is saving the day for comic movie fans.

Regal Entertainment Group is issuing an ultimate ticket that will allow unlimited admission into Batman vs Superman for the movie's entire run in its theaters. Moviegoers can watch the film once a day.

So, if you're a super fan who has money and you can make large purchases in a single bound or you happen to have the inheritance of Bruce Wayne, this might be the deal for you.

Only a thousand of the cards were made available and they sold out about as fast as a speeding bullet. Just know that if you happen to get the card, it'll officially expire on September 24th.

Now cross your fingers and hope that the only bomb associated with this film comes from the special effects.