10 Things to Do in Dallas During Spring Break

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Photo by Steve Floyd, Flickr

By Bryan Yalta, NewsCastic

Spring break is just around the corner, which means…time to catch up on sleep, right? Well, if you feel you’ve slept enough to the point of boredom, try to keep up with these events as they unfurl through the break. No need to travel to other places when you already have all the fun you need within your city limits.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Concert

Photo by Clare, Flickr


Traditionally, Dallas has celebrated St. Patrick’s day a week prior to the actual day, because why not? However, this year, since the day hits on a day near the weekend, the city has decided to move the parade and concert (which will have Third Eye Blind perform) two days after the holiday on March 19th to create a four-day-long weekend party on Greenville Avenue. Whether you care about the change in date or not, it’s another reason to drink green beer during the break. Hurray for Dallas and Irish holidays!

Rock n Roll Dallas Half Marathon

Photo by Peter Mooney, Flickr

If you’re the athletic type, run on up to register for the half marathon and/or 5K races the city will host on spring break weekend. Half-marathon contestants will pass through the beautiful sights of Dallas, from the heart of downtown circling all the way around the city’s main streets, ending after roughly 13 miles right by Dallas’ famous landmark, Reunion Tower. Those who are actually normal and want to try a smaller distance, the course of the 5K race forms from Fair Park to Cotton Bowl Plaza. The two-day event ends on Sunday, March 20th with Blues Traveler performing free to the public as well as most likely too tired runners.


‘Til Midnight at the Nasher

Photo by Luis Tamayo, Flickr

Is art your thing? Come check out the block party the Nasher Sculpture Center will host on Friday, March 18th in the Arts District, where, as the event’s title suggests, there will be countless activities to be involved in until midnight. Outdoor concerts, food trucks (who doesn’t like food trucks?!), art exhibitions, film screenings–it’s SXSW wrapped up in one evening! Speaking of…



Photo by Steve Rainwater, Flickr

If you’re sad you can’t make it to Austin for, arguably, its most-known festival, Dallas makes up for it with festivals like Spillover. Including the events I’ve previously mentioned in this article, Dallas will have just about as much music as Austin will during spring break, meaning you don’t even have to leave the city to enjoy the pleasure of listening to live music. Go from venue to venue, band to band through Deep Ellum as this festival takes you on an auditory journey that will leave you with a good weekend and a good time.


Photo by Steve Rainwater, Flickr

Dallas Comic Con may be over (and Fan Expo and A-kon months away) but in the meantime, there is a convention that can quench the thirst for more comics, anime, and gaming. All-Con will gratify fans of all ages and costumes by offering appearances of special guests from all sorts of entertainment industries during spring break weekend. Consider this as the unification of segregated genre-specific groups, creating a community of all kinds of fans by bringing them together–hence the name.


Texas Pinball Fest

Photo by Bruce Turner, Flickr

Are you an avid pinball player? If you are, this festival is definitely meant for you. If not, well, this festival is also definitely meant for you. Prove your skill in a tournament, check out creatively-designed pinball machines people have created, play classic arcade games excluding pinball, break a world record for most pinball players simultaneously playing–yes, that last one is on schedule. Whether pinball is your thing or not, this event will give you a better appreciation of the game; if not, it will at least possibly get you involved in a world record.


Santa Fe Days in the Park

Photo by Jamil Razzaq, Flickr

Native American culture, just like any culture, is important to preserve and to keep widespread; that’s why this annual event continues with its 12th-year run. Celebrating the heritages of several tribes through arts and crafts, foods, indigenous dancing and music, Santa Fe Days will exhibit native American pride in an accessible, informative and exciting way during spring break weekend, so be sure to check it out!


Dallas Blossoms at the Arboretum

Photo by goodhugh, Flickr

If you’re looking for peace during the break, take a walk in the Dallas arboretum, where all week long roughly 500,000 spring flower bulbs will fill the gardens and add color to your serenity. This is a family-friendly locale away from the busy city life, inviting people of all ages to participate in the season’s bloom. Nature being something undervalued in Dallas, this floral festival is bound to change your perspective on how beautiful it can be.


Mudbug Bash

Photo by Phil Darnell, Flickr

The 4th annual festival will take place on Saturday, March 19th in Main Street Garden, where an abundance of Cajun nourishment is assured (4,000 pounds of crawfish alone). There will be live music, games, drinks–activities sorted for the family as well as for a fun night out with friends. So why not spend a night eating Cajun while listening to folk covers of hard rock songs (YouTube stars Steve’n’Seagulls will be headlining) in the middle of Dallas? Also, don’t forget to bring your pets as they are welcome!


GeO-Deck at Reunion Tower

Photo by tex003, Flickr

If all else fails, just take a gander at your surroundings in a different perspective with the beautiful view the deck at Reunion Tower offers. A state-of-the-art room 470 feet above Dallas’s streets are bound to make you realize you’re in a city filled with life, from square to square, street to avenue–the city is lively because of the people that populate them. A panoramic sight of Dallas is worth more than 1,000 words; it’s worth you exploring it.