10 Things Only People in Dallas/Ft. Worth Have To Deal With

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Yes, we know you’re from Dallas/Ft. Worth and you take pride in your hometown, but let’s face it: there are some things about the Metroplex that irks your nerves. From the weather to traffic and even having to explain your city to out of towners, there are things that only people from the Metroplex will understand and have to deal with.

Having To explain The Difference Between Dallas and Ft. Worth

The Metroplex is often referred to as the DFW or Dallas/Ft. Worth area when in reality, both are two completely different cities. When you tell someone that you’re from Dallas and not Ft. Worth (and vice versa) and they ask ‘isn’t it the same thing?’, you have to give a long explanation of why it isn’t.


Outrageous Traffic

What was supposed to be a 15-20 minute trip can actually turn into an hour or two, depending on the traffic. It seems like no matter what time of day it is, you’re bound to run into traffic on the freeway. If there’s a big event going on in town, don’t even think twice about leaving the house!


Sleet Days

Many cities actually get snow days, except for us — we get sleet days. Pretty much everything shuts down when there’s a chance of ice forming on the roads. It’s better to be safe than sorry, right?


Summer Heat

The summers here are unlike any other place. The heat is very excruciating, humid and well drain any little energy you may have. Summers here will make you avoid any activated that require you to leave your comfortable air-conditioned home.



Thanks to the crazy weather here, we have major pothole problems. It seems like whenever a pothole gets fixed, a new one arises. Potholes are a vicious, never-ending cycle.

Inconsistent Weather

The weather is pretty inconsistent at times. Early in the morning, you could be forced to wear full winter gear. When lunch arises, you’ll be debating on wearing flip flops and shorts. For once, it would be nice to actually have winter weather during winter season.


Parking During Major Events

It seems like whenever there’s a major event going on, any and everyone within driving proximity comes out. Whether it’s a concert, parade or sporting event, parking will inevitably be horrible and frustrating.


Regretting State Fair Food

The State Fair of Texas is the must-go-to event for anyone in the Metroplex. It’s the one chance you get to eat all of the fried food that you can’t get anywhere else. But all of the fried foods may not agree with your body. You will probably regret eating that fried butter and fried bubblegum later on.


Driving to Shopping Malls

If you live in a neighborhood where shopping options are slim pickings, you have no choice but to drive to another county. Many of the best shopping malls are located in the little outskirts of Dallas and Ft. Worth.


Explaining the Outskirts of Dallas/Ft. Worth

For someone who isn’t from the Metroplex, it can be kind of hard for them to understand the outskirts of Dallas/Ft. Worth. You have to explain to them why Plano, Arlington, Allen, McKinney, Garland, etc. aren’t technically Dallas/Ft. Worth, even though they’re included in the whole DFW terminology.