Extra Day Makes an Extra Special Birthday for Leap Day Baby

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FORT WORTH -- Election years are cool and all, but you know what else only comes once every four years? February 29th, AKA Leap Day!

That's right, this extra special extra day comes with some discounts and deals, and a tradition where women turn the tables and pop the question -- just in case, their boyfriend dropped the ball on Valentine's Day...

But the real fun is a Leap Day birthday.

Like the one Joshua Titus Sessoms will grow up with! He was born in the wee hours of Monday morning.

"He was due on March the Fourth," said Kristin, Joshua's proud mom.  "The whole pregnancy, dad wanted a Leap Day baby, and he got his wish!"

Mom says Joshua's birthday will set him apart from his older brother - 4-year-old Jeremy - and his sister - not-quite-2-year-old Mabry.  "You know, sometimes being the third, it's hard to have something special to make you stand out," Kristin said, "So being a Leap Day baby definitely is unique."

Since baby Joshua's birthday won't come back around for four years... The question now is: when will he get to blow out the candles?

"Our plan is the 28th," Kristin said.  "Because [Jeremy]'s a January birthday, and [Mabry]'s a March birthday, so we're gonna let [Joshua] be February."

Probably a good thing to figure out...  Otherwise they'd have to buy four times the presents every February 29th.  And he'd already be pretty big by the time he celebrates his 5th birthday and can officially start school!