Cereal-ously? Study Says Millennials Too Lazy to Fix a Bowl of Cereal!

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LONDON -- There's a handful of new studies out there labeling millennials as "lazy." Some researchers say they're too lazy to use Google, while others claim they're so lazy they ditch date night to Netflix and Chill.

Turns out, there's a breaking development to this shameful millennial myth.

In a recent Mintel report, millennials are too lazy to eat cereal! In the study, 40% claimed cereal is an "inconvenient" breakfast choice because they had to clean up afterwards.

Wonder if that 40% realizes disposable dishes do exist? Or maybe they're too lazy to figure that out, too?

Well, if millennials are all about convenience, how do you explain THIS? Apparently, a New York-based company called Art 404 (probably a bunch of millennials), created a convenient alternative to the old-fashioned selfie stick. You just mount your 5lbs laptop at the end of a long telescoping pole, hold it up,  and say "cheeeeese"!

Riiiight! This is waaaay more convenient than eating cereal.