5 Delicious And Filling Dallas Meals for Under $5 Each

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Hillary Juster


By Hillary Juster, NewsCastic


We get it. There’s only one thing worse than being hungry, and that’s being hungry and broke. Fear not my broke and hungry friends. We’ve prepared you a filling list of tasty meals available all day (not just lunch specials!) for under $5 in Dallas, tax included. We haven’t included chains, drive-thrus, or tacos. So just as long as you’re willing to order at a counter and eat adventurously, you should love what we’ve got on the menu.


Roll n Go (6110 Greenville Ave.)

Hillary Juster


Did you ever have Banh mi, a Vietnamese sandwich on a fluffy baguette, and think to yourself, “This sandwich is delicious, but this place could use more feverish colors, television monitors, and exciting toys?” Enter Roll n Go.


$4.60 – Grilled Pork Bahn Mi

Hillary Juster


The grilled pork Banh mi at Roll n Go lights up with flavors as vibrant as the store’s interior. Your ticket to this mouth party rings in at merely $4.60. With the mild carrots and cucumbers evening out the spicy sandwich, how can you turn down an offer like that?


Keller’s Drive-In (6537 E. NW Highway)

Keller’s Drive-In is a Dallas institution. They serve their insanely tasty and popular cheeseburgers on poppy-seed buns. Oh yeah, and they serve beer. We’re not even kidding. This place puts In-N-Out to shame, y’all. Plus, it’s just fun to eat at a drive-in!


$4.87 Cheeseburger and Onion Rings

For a mere $4.87, you can get a cheeseburger on a poppy seed (or plain) bun with all the fixings and an oh-so-crispy side of onion rings. Neon lights come complementary. Be warned, though, they only accept cash. Come prepared or leave hungry.


Albilad Bakery & Restaurant (850 S Greenville Ave.)

If you haven’t eaten falafel in the past month, you really haven’t been eating enough falafel. Try Albilad’s Bakery & Restaurant, an otherwise excellent source of Middle Eastern “pizza.” For our purposes, the falafel will cater to our vegetarian friends with a filling sandwich of Iraqi pickles and fried balls of crushed chickpeas, garlic, and cilantro.


$4.86 Falafel Sandwich with Iraqi Bread

This is a perfect meal for a broke and hungry vegetarian. You’ll get protein, veggies, carbs, and some tomatoes too! The sandwich doesn’t come with the sides shown above. They’re an extra .50 cents. Sorry, y’all. It’s only a sandwich that’s bigger than your face, for less than 5 dollars!


La Pasadita (205 N. Carol Ave.)

Hillary Juster


When we found out that Dallas finally had pupusas, we cried a little. Pupusas, for those of you who don’t know, are like little round El Salvadorian corn cakes filled with meat and cheese, grilled in heaven, and topped with slaw and salsa. They’re a cousin of the tamale in sort of a taste way but in a league all their own.


$3.59 – 2 Pork and Cheese Pupusas

Hillary Juster 


If you’re sensitive to spicy, ask for yours without jalapeños. Two pupusas and cabbage is way more than enough for a meal. And the ones that they make here, in the back of this tiny cramped convenience store, it’s so worth the trip.

This place is cash only, and easy to miss. You definitely don’t want to miss it!


Kazy’s Gourmet Shop (9256 Markville Dr.)

Hillary Juster

One of the best-kept secrets in Dallas is this gem of a Japanese import market, Kazy’s Gourmet Shop. They stock snacks and ceramic bowls, but the real star is the fresh fish. In fact, fish here is so fresh, they wholesale it to local sushi restaurants. You can buy the sushi here, though, straight from the source, and for way less cost.


$4.87 – Chicken Teriyaki Rice Bowl and 1pc. Tuna Sushi

Hillary Juster

For just $4.87, you can enjoy an enormous steaming rice bowl of chicken teriyaki and a piece of tuna sushi. It’s more than you could possibly eat in one sitting, and bonus, the teriyaki comes in a sealable to-go container. Bet you didn’t expect to find sushi on our list!