Last Man: Online Contest Tries to Prove Who Can Go the Longest Without Finding Out Winner of Super Bowl

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(Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images)

(Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images)

It’s been three weeks since the Denver Broncos hoisted the Lombardi Trophy in Super Bowl 50, so by now everyone should know who the reigning champs are, right?

Well… almost… there are still 16 people who don’t know who won this year’s Super Bowl, and that’s on purpose!

Welcome to the Last Man! An online competition that only has one goal: see who can go the longest without finding out who won the Big Game!

Over 200 competitors set out to avoid what they call “The Knowledge”, and 190 have now been knocked out. The “causes of death” range from overhearing co-workers, intentional Twitter saboteurs and a “screaming, drunk sorority girl running past their window”!

So how far can these players avoid the result of the world’s biggest game? Well earlier this month, Jeffrey Fitzwater, a Last Man competitor, appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show to talk about the game. It turned out he still didn’t know who had won the Super Bowl… from 2012!

Until Kimmel told him of course!

Hey, you don’t have to wait ’til next year’s Super Bowl to play! Some are talking about organizing a Last Man competition for this year’s Presidential Election! Hey, if “you-know-who” gets elected, it might be best to never find out!

So good luck to those faithful few who are left out there! Keep dodging the knowledge, and somehow prove that Ignorance equals victory!

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