‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Wins Best of Worst at Annual Razzie Awards

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LOS ANGELES, CA -- While everyone is waiting with bated breath, speculating if it’ll finally be Leo’s year to take home a coveted Academy Award; or which film will boast bragging rights as Best Picture, others in Hollywood have already earned their golden honor …err make that dishonor of the year.

That’s right, the 36th Annual Golden Raspberry Awards were announced Saturday night in Los Angeles, ironically, right across town from the Dolby Theater.

The Razzies celebrate supreme underachievement in cinema. This year’s big winner was, drum roll please….Fifty Shades of Grey. Shocking..we know.

The film walked away with five Razzies including one for worst screen play, worst actor Jamie Dornan and worst actress Dakota Johnson…ouch. We’re thinking that’s gotta hurt more than the whip used in the film!

Other Razzie winners this year include Johnny Depp for his work in Mortdecai and Adam Sandler in The Cobbler and Pixels —oooh  twofer.

The Razzies are traditionally awarded the night before the Oscars, talk about an ego boost.

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