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Chew on This: Dinner Lab

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DALLAS – We’re going to take you on an experimental pop-up dining journey where the location is secret, the kitchens are makeshift and the food is exquisite. It's Dinner Lab in Dallas.

"Dinner Lab just actually started off in New Orleans in 2012, and it's just grown into different markets," Kristi Walker said. Walker is the Event Manager for Dallas Dinner Lab. "It rotates down to different locations within the city. So the members get to experience something with a new chef and a new venue each time they come."

The latest location? Community Beer Company. And the guest chef? Chef Fitzgerald Dodd, former private chef of NBA star Chris Bosh, and most recently Addison's Ida Claire.

“Tonight is a love affair with New Orleans. La Nouvelle-Orleans,” Chef Dodd told NewsFix."(With) Creole food, you have Italian, you have African, French, Spanish, Caribbean, German, you have all these flavors within this one cuisine."

So what's on the menu? Blackened prawn on a corn and scallion salad. Gumbo Z'herbes with pork belly.

"When you do a gumbo Z'herbes, it's with various greens. Whether it be collards, mustards, turnips, kale."

And a winter green salad with salted pecan brittle instead of croutons.

Chew on This, the main course included creole spiced duck breast, a dirty rice croquette and red onion marmalade. And the sweet finish? Buttermilk and praline cheesecake.

If you're interested in trying out Dinner Lab, click here for more info.

By the looks of things, this form of experimental dining passed the test!

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