Gold For Sale: How Much is an Oscar Really Worth?

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BEVERLY HILLS -- Let's play a game called "What's it Worth?" Today's subject: the Oscar. Yep, the shiny gold statue that all the actors are vying for. Turns out, when you actually get your hands on this baby, it's not really yours.

Of course you won, but taking possession of the actual award comes with stipulations. One, you can't sell it. Yeah, that's kind of a plot twist since athletes are able to make a buck off their super bowl rings, jerseys and other memorabilia.

But it's totally not worth trying to go against The Academy. Just ask the family of Oscar winner Joseph Wright. Wright, who passed away in 1985, won an Oscar back in 1942. His family sold his gold statue back for $80,000. Well, The Academy found out and not only sued the family for $79,000 but bought the Oscar back.

And contrary to what you might think, Oscars aren't worth much. Actual retail value, $10!

One person who probably won't be putting up her gold if she wins is actress Jennifer Lawrence, who raked in $52 million big ones, making her the highest paid nominee this year.

But the real question is -- are Hollywood actors really so broke they have to cash in on eBay? Think about it... is getting sued for thousands worth selling this shiny statue?

Didn't think so.

But let's get real, why would you want to?

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