Fort Worth Apartment Complex Reopens After Bedbug Infestation

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We all know that old saying: "Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite."

Well, that was apparently a huge problem a few years ago at the Hunter Plaza apartment complex in Fort Worth.

This place reportedly had a bad bedbug infestation, and the property owned by the Fort Worth Housing Authority had to be shut down. Since then the city has pumped almost $30 million to redevelop the public housing building. As of Wednesday, this place is back in business with nearly 200 renovated units.

FWHA hopes by getting this building up to code it will help the growth of the downtown area.
And, of course, getting rid of all those pesky insects.

“It’s very, very common in apartment complexes,” Wayne Longacre said. He owns the Bed Bug Plus Store in North Richland Hills, and he says this little pest is a million dollar problem for any city.

“Any city just about anywhere can have a problem and it`s expensive to get rid of it if you`re using extermination,” Longacre told Newsfix

He also says the average exterminator can charge up to a grand to spray around your home  and it might still take a few  more treatments to terminate the problem. That’s where his all-natural spray comes into play.

“You can treat the whole house, you don't have to be displaced for any amount of time, and you can treat everything in the house,” Longacre said.

Well, at least the folks moving into this downtown apartment complex won't have to worry about letting the bed bugs bite here anymore.

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